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this dog that i dogsit for is an actual angel sent from heaven, evidence:

  • he’s 100 lbs and so gentle i don’t need any special collar or leash or harness to walk him, ever
  • he was meant to be a service dog but he was too shy so he became a rescue, can u even imagine
  • so well behaved he waits for me at the tops and bottoms of flights of stairs until i tell him it’s okay to go ahead up/down the next flight
  • he somehow communicates to his dads how much he loves me bc they tell me every time i leave and they come back he’s sad ?? my son !
  • he knows that if it rains or snows or he gets wet he needs to wait at the bottom of the stairs inside their condo to be towel dried
  • he is trained to towel dry himself; i hold out the towel and he wiggles his body through it back and forth until i dry his tail and that’s his signal to go ahead and go inside
  • he hangs out by my feet all evening making big impatient huffing noises until i go in the bedroom with him and sit up in bed doing whatever i’m doing so he can sleep by me

like i feel the need to reblog this post bc i neglected to include evidence:

  • loves pets and attention but is shy so once given pets and attention basically loses his mind and rubs his face all over you while not knowing what to do with his entire 100 lbs self
  • always a slut for chin scratches
  • spots of white on chest and toes and chin
  • will pretend to be scary at men when they come into the house until i reassure him it’s ok
  • other dogs Love him bc he’s so big and so sweet and so chill and it’s fun to walk the best looking dog who is also the nicest dog while everyone around you is like “wow ur dog is so cool” like thanks i made him
  • if u ask him ‘who’s a good boy?!?!’ he seems genuinely concerned it might not be him until you confirm such to be true

Please always confirm to him that he is not only a good boy but the best boy

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